Arizona Senate goes after AirBnb and VRBO rentals

I’ve spoken with many constituents who deal with noisy parties from the vacation rental next door. It’s time we stand up for these property owners.

Hosting a special event at a vacation rental home, something many Arizonans say is an increasing problem in their neighborhoods, could soon be barred statewide under a measure at the Capitol.

Lawmakers in the Senate approved the bill Monday. It heads back to the House, where it already has won approval, to reconcile minor amendments before going to Gov. Doug Ducey.

It’s unclear what the governor will do with the bill, considering he made substantial fanfare when he signed a bill deregulating such rentals in 2016. That law prevents municipalities from banning such rentals.

Since it took effect, people across the state have complained about homes in their neighborhoods rented through services such as Airbnb drawing large parties and events that disrupt the tranquility of residential areas.

Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, thanked the sponsor of House Bill 2672, Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills.

She said she has heard from many constituents who oppose vacation rentals in their neighborhoods.

She said one woman told her of a neighboring house that frequently is rented out and has “naked men jumping off the roof of the house into the pool and carloads of hookers who come and go all day and all night.”

“It is imperative we put some type of regulation in place,” Brophy McGee said. 

The bill passed the Senate 17-12 with opposition from Republicans.

Sen. Tyler Pace, R-Mesa, said he did not like the structure of fees for problem rentals.

“I’m sure we will go back and refine that fee structure,” Pace said

Blake Wilson