New law gives Arizona caregivers more freedom to switch jobs

Happy to see this get signed. We need more people protecting our elderly, and we shouldn’t be putting hurdle in front of qualified potential employees.

PHOENIX — Arizona caregivers in assisted living facilities won’t need new licensing to do the same work for hospice care, and vice versa.

Gov. Ducey has signed SB 1244 into law, as Arizona’s soaring senior population needs more caregivers.

“This is a workforce for which we will require many, many more in the years to come,” said Arizona Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee.

She also said the law she sponsored streamlines training and competency requirements for caregivers, and saves them $1,500 in relicensing fees.

“It’s necessary to help them so that they don’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops and hurdles to switch jobs,” Brophy-McGee said.

The law also ensures caregiver standards for giving medicine are equal in facility and hospice settings.